Monday, 25 October 2010

Talk driving Yeovil Mad

Was interesting to read the article in last weeks Yeovil Western Gazzette re “Talk Talk” on the High street in Yeovil.

I have previously made comments about their high pressure sales tactics in WH Smiths door way. I stopped going into WH Smiths because you could not get out with out been accosted.
Earlier Blog on "Talk Talk" in Yeovil

It was good to see that the Yeovil Town Centre Manager has moved them on. The lower end of town was becoming an area where you had to look out. The majority of people were engaging and then found that they could not escape.

Heavy lifting in Yeovil

Primark are current refitting the old Woolworth Store on Yeovil High Street. I think the building will look totally different as work progresses behind the Scaffolding.

On Sunday a large crane was in action not sure what was lifted, there has been plenty of work on the roof, which I guess will be for new plant for Air-conditioning etc.




Not sure when the opening date is but I guess they would want to be in by Christmas.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Midsommer Norton Accordion Band

Midsommer Norton Accordion Band Played the Abbey Manor Community Centre to help raise funds, It was a pleasant few hours with a wide variety of tunes. Accordian bands are not dead!

Big thanks to the Midsommer Norton Accordian band for help the centre raise funds.

The Abbey Manor Community centre is in the middle of the Abbey Manor Park estate, in the Forum. The Centre is run by a committee (Abbey Community Association) made up of some of the many groups who regularly use the centre.

Many thanks to the Monday Tea Dance for arranging and for the excellent home made cakes.