Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yeovil Cattle Market

Yeovil cattle market was around for a 156 years, but closed its gates in 2008. The site was going to be developed in to "mixed-use scheme of residential housing, sheltered housing and a nursing home"

The site is now starting to look in a sorry run down state. It would be good to find some pictures of the Cattle markets in better days.



Yeovil cattle market Pictures ©tjb please free to use but please link

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wurzels - "I am a cider Drinker"

There is a campaign to get the "Wurzels" to no1 with "I am a Cider drinker" in protest to the 10% tax on strong cider.

A facebook group has been created to get support

I can remember the Wurzels from the Late 70's / 80's when I lived in Birmingham.

Wurzel World (Listen to a bit of Somerset)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Some Pictures from Sherborne

Guest Local Pictures

A view of Sherborne Old Castle - as seen across the lake at Sherborne New Castle. Taken January 2010
(Taken by J Stride)

viewed from the Claire Voire at Sherborne New Castle. Taken January 2010
(Taken by J Stride)
The cascade waterfall at Sherborne Castle
(Taken by J Stride)


Sherborne Abbey
(Taken by J Stride)
Pictures Copyright J Stride, if you wish to use any pictures please leave a comment

Friday, 19 March 2010

Yeovil now in Google Street View

Check out your own address, you may not believe what you see.

Have been trying to see how to get an entry removed.

View Larger Map

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Car Transporters on Double Yellows again

Car transporters on Double Yellows again!

Car Transporters seem to be exempt from parking and waiting restrictions, I have seen two to day parked on double yellows next to a junction.

I know as a car driver if I illegally park I would be booked.

At least this one is fully on the road, it was left empty for over 30 mins, the earlier one was blocking the path and on double yellows.
Do you have any thoughts?

Another Day lets try and cause chaos with two Transporters!

45minutes latter still there empty.

08:45 11th Mar 10 ©tjb
Yet another car transporter unloading cars on double yellow lines and next to a bend.

Are the cars insured to be used on the road with out tax, registration number or trade plates attached? I watched a car driven from the transporter on the main road and into the dealer over 200m.

08:45 11th Mar 10 ©tjb

A dealer on the Reckleford adjacent to Goldcroft regularly unloads on the dual carriageway, obstructing the pavement and on Double yellow lines!

29th April 2010 ©tjb
29th April 2010 ©tjb

On Pavement,Double Yellows and on Juction next to roundabout
9-6-10 ©tjb

Have you had a near miss due to a transporter unloading?

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Foundry house a former gloving factory Yeovil

Foundry House is a former gloving factory which is currently been redeveloped into shops and accommodation.
Gloving in Yeovil was one of the main industries.

This was saved from been demolished by a local campaign.

Foundry house dates back to 1870.
From the Old Yeovil Town station to Taunton trackbed


Redevelopment underway on Foundry House Yeovil

Yeovil Archaeological and Local History Society

Yeovil Pictures ©tjb please free to use but please link

Monday, 8 March 2010

Yeovil Pot holes in the road!

Yeovil Pot holes in the road!

Some of the pot holes on the major routes have been sorted, but venture into to “Stourton Way Yeovil” and there you will find a stretch of road adjacent to the Fourum which has now been labeled temporary road surface.

It is like a ploughed field, even the crossing markings have long gone (before this winter). I am sure it is in the council plan to resurface and make the crossing safe, but when?

There must be a point when a road gets closed because it is too dangerous.

Can't be responsible for the following site, but does make a good read.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Yeovil Station 150 Years

Yeovil Station 150 Years

Yeovil Junction Station is a 150 years old this year, Steam is still in Yeovil at the The Yeovil Railway Centre.

The railway first arrived at Yeovil Junction in 1860 (London and South Western Railway), some time after Pen Mill which Celebrated 150 Years in 2006.

Yeovil Junction Today (3/3/10)

The Turn table at Yeovil Junction some facts,

Yeovil Junction railway station. (2010, February 10). In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Retrieved 12:31, March 4, 2010, from

Monday, 1 March 2010

Microsoft Browser Choice update! KB976002

Don't like to talk technical, but Microsoft does annoy me.

May not mean a great deal to you non techies, but best to say NO to this if you get the option from Microsoft update.

It is Microsoft’s response to Europe over the use of Internet explorer.
If Microsoft prompts to install best to say no to KB976002, otherwise you will be asked if you wish to install a different explorer.

For the technical one please check my other Blogg