Friday, 25 June 2010

Free web Advertising for Yeovil Business

I run a web site called a site which lists local independent business in Yeovil and surrounding areas. The website provides simple listings to advertise your business for free with Business details, contact details and a small logo or image.

The site currently has a large diverse range of local businesses listed garages, Car and Caravan, Painters, printing etc in and around Yeovil.

If you haven’t a presence on the internet, you won’t be found by people surfing the internet.

Web sites do not need to cost the earth and be over complex, most broadband providers will give you free web space for you to use. If you would like your own domain name they can be easily bought for a few pounds.

Why not create your own Blog about your business in Yeovil?

I acn always add your business to visit the site for contact details.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Yeovil Woolworths to become a Primark Store

Primark are taking over the Yeovil Woolworths store, a notice has been posted at the front of the store.

Primark  opening new store in Yeovil 18-6-10

At last the old Yeovil Woolworths has found a new use, it will be interesting to see how Primark will use all the space in this vast store. There is no mention of an opening date, but I bet it won't be long.

Primark Yeovil will certainly be a size, plenty of space for piles of clothes.

Primark have had a lot of bad press over the years for their sourcing of clothes, according to the Primak uk website they are committed to ethical trading.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Yeovil Junction not in Bloom

The floral displays around Yeovil are Amazing a great deal of effort has been put in by the council and local people.

Yeovil Junction is one of the main Gateways to Yeovil, the planters seem to have seen better days. It is a shame when the rest of Yeovil puts so much effort into making the town look cared for.

6-6-10 Yeovil not in Bloom ©tjb

6-6-10 Yeovil Junction not in Bloom ©tjb

I am sure Southwest Trains can do a better job, may be someone could sponsor a planter?

16/6/10 Update

I have emailed South West Trains, have waited over a week but no reply, Little old Yeovil Junction (150 years this year) doesn't warrant a spruce up in the flower department.

7/7/10 Update
Have had an email from Southwest trains who have asked the station master to contact me.

25/8/10 Update
No contact from the station master, I am sure they are far to busy to tidy up the station.

The 150 year anniversary of Steam arriving at Yeovil Junction will be celebrated in July.

Pectin in Steam at Yeovil Junction

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

David Laws

Following David Laws resignation from his Cabinet post there seems to be a mix of feelings in and around his Yeovil Constituency

David has worked hard over the years in and around Yeovil and I am sure that is why people vote for him

Yeovil Libdems
Yeovil Conservatives

Fish and Chips on Westfield

The Post office on Coronation Avenue, Westfield estate has finally found its new use.

It was a shame to see the post office go, but with the way the Post office works and the cost that would have been involved for any body taking it on I am not surprised.

May be a post office will open in another local shop or community facility.

The Chip Shop (Polats Place) looks great and I am sure will do a good business.


 Polat's Place Yeovil