Saturday, 31 October 2009

Walking Round Yeovil

Working just on the edge of the Queensway I often spend my lunch time walking around Yeovil Town Centre, sometime venturing into Nine springs and Summer house hill. (Nine Springs Information)

Within a few minutes you can be out of the town and in to the country side, from most points in Yeovil you can see a field or some green area.

Living on Abbey Manor we can easily walk to open fields, Montacute house is a few miles walk across open fields (and a quick sprint across the A3088 Cartgate link).

I occasionally walk to work and find that having walked down Preston road it is a welcome break to walk through Sydney Gardens before getting into the Town.

The local Council maintain the local parks to a very high standard with every changing flower beds and displays.

The walk from  The Forum on Abbey Manor to the town can take about 40 Min, (Cheaper than the Bus and sometimes quicker).

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Aldon International Horse Trials Yeovil

Did you know that Yeovil has just hosted the “Aldon International Horse Trials” on the 22nd to 25th Oct 2009.
“Aldon International” included show jumping, Cross country and dressage.

 The course is set just behind Nine Springs on grassy parkland.

British Eventing

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Have you ever heard of a "through-about"

The Brympton News link has just arrived, with a plan of new roundabout ("through-about") for the roundabout at the end of Cartgate Link / Bunford lane / Western Avenue. The Parish council have counted 32 lights? There was no mention of a planned start date. I guess it will be over the peak summer season to maximize congestion.

Darlington are supposed to have a similar Roundabout!

I wonder how much this will cost?

"Byways and Highways" explanation

Brypton Parish Council

Friday, 23 October 2009

Yeovil Carnival

I was reminded that it is now carnival season when I saw a long line of floats heading to Taunton last Saturday.

I used to enjoy the sights on the Yeovil streets as the illuminated floats passed.

The plans for this year have been dashed, lets hope for next year.  The iluminated Carnival seems to be so much of Somerset Tradition. If we want the carnival back in Yeovil we need to support the local organising Committee.

Somerset Carnivals

Motiv8 Carnival Club

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Reckleford Roadworks Yeovil

Reckleford is still a hive of activity does anyone know when the the completion date is? The Yeovil vision website mentions late Oct 2009, well we are nearly there!

Having witnessed the queues on the Queensway the opening won't come soon enough.