Thursday, 27 May 2010

Not as we know it

Not as we know it

I have followed Ashes to Ashes over the last few months, I even managed to view the last episode on BBC iplayer in the middle of Dartmoor in Conference centre with St James Church Yeovil (not bad broadband must be miles from the exchange).

Local blogger Rev David keen has some interesting thoughts.

St. Aidan to Abbey Manor: It's Death Jimbo, But Not AS We Know It#links

Monday, 24 May 2010

WHSmiths Yeovil

WHSmiths Yeovil
I have been in and out WH Smiths many times in Yeovil managing to dodge the salesmen trying to sell Talk Talk and No win no fee accident insurance.

Whilst in Yeovil WH Smiths today I witnessed an elderly gent being accosted by the Talk Talk sales team (Safety in number). They enticed him into a conversation which it was obvious he did not want. I left them to talk for a while, I was in no doubt this gent did not have the slightest interest in the product. The sales man was still keen to keep going.

Enough was enough, I intervened, I asked the gent if he wanted to know more or be free to continue on his day. The gent looked relieved.

I asked to see a manger for WH Smiths, I think I spoke to the assistant manger (no introduction or badge). Who didn’t really appear even slightly interested, he said that the sales people on the door are arranged by head office, and that they had complaints before. With a little more pressure he agreed to speak to the sales people.

WH Smiths used to be one of better British high street stores, it may still be in other locations. I dislike having to go into the Yeovil store because of these extra sales people.

These sales people are highly trained in every technique to get a sale or at least a signature, they do not understand NO.

Have you been harassed by these people?

BBC Article: "Have we fallen out of love with the nation's newsagent?"

Council annual bulb give away

Free for all

There was a big crowd in St Johns Church gardens this morning. The council had invited folks to come and help then selves to the bulbs and plants that had been removed from council managed roundabouts etc.

Last Pickings

These bulbs will certainly help to liven up the gardens of Yeovil. I am always impressed by the amount time folks spend out in there gardens.


The roundabouts of Yeovil always seem to be displaying something fresh and are always displaying colour.
Thanks to the South Somerset District Council’s horticulture team.

Getting ready for the next display


St Johns in the sun

26th May 10:- The horticulture team are busy working on the summer display hope to have some pictures of progress in the next few days.
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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The old Woolworths store Yeovil

What is the future of this old Woolworths in Yeovil?
Primark are taking over the Old Yeovil Woolworths.

There is some activity in the store, looks possible like asbestos removal with enclosed plastic areas. The activity in side has increased, plaster of the walls and electrical work going on. I am sure we will soon see who has moved into this old Yeovil Store. Tk Maxx was my favourite but, Primark in Yeovil could do with a bigger store!

Woolworths Yeovil Now

There must be a plan to do something with this old store, otherwise I am sure that there would not be any activity in the store.

It would be good to get this building turned around and being used by another business. There has been too many shops moving or closing in this area of Yeovil town centre.

Do you know what is lined up for this Yeovil store? Please leave your comments.

I have done a bit of digging on the internet; my favorite at the moment is TK Maxx.
They appear to be advertising for staff in Yeovil.
They have already taken on some of the old Woolworths stores.

I think TK Maxx would fill both floors and would add another major retailer back to the Yeovil High street.

The final day in Yeovil Woolworths

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Will our Local Yeovil MP be in the Cabinet?

Will David Laws be in the new cabinet? Yes,


David Laws has been involved in the discusions with the Conservatives to form a joint goverment, which has now come to pass with David Cameron as Prime minister and Nick Clegg as Deputy.
He has certainly represented the interests of Yeovil over the years, and has been the shadow educational spokesperson.