Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Lufton Roman Villa, on the edge of Yeovil

Had nice walk across the fields past the Roman site at Lufton, where once stood  “Lufton Roman Villa”.

The path to the Villa goes from just beyond Thorne Coffin, if you follow the path it will bring you out on the road near Lufton College. If you don’t want a muddy walk go on the lane from the end of thorne lane to wards Lufton, at the T junction follow the public foot path over the stile into the fields.


Reckleford roadworks again

Its good to see that the Reckleford road works have been left in a fit for purpose state over the Christmas break a small handwritten sign indicating that you can now form two lanes on the new piece of road (Watch out for the roadwork's the other side of the new layout by the Ambulance station!)
 Traffic chaos has hit the town again as the Temporary lights that replaced the original temporary lights have failed (14:30 29-12-09).  The local PCSO's to the rescue, 3 PCSO's now controlling the traffic I am sure that their time and any overtime will be paid by the main contractor?

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Reckleford road works are they Finished? 

Reckleford road works are they Finished?   No
Have just seen the road work signs being collected; is the end of the traffic chaos? We will soon see.

Traffic is now using the new road layout, but with a new set of temporary traffic lights, the Queens way seemed to be flowing fine, but the traffic on Middle Street was backed up.

Friday, 18 December 2009

 So will it Snow in Yeovil?

 So will it Snow in Yeovil?
 It was a pleasant walk into the Town today; the paths were dry and not overly icy. 

There seems to be more lights on houses this year, far better than the display in the Town centre. There are road where all the neighbours have really gone to town, Lime Kiln, Abbey Manor and a Close of Westbourne Avenue. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Goverment Plans for New Towns, Yeovil in the Shortlist to create a new ECO-Town

Have just been looking at the BBC new page, the government are looking at creating "New Towns".

Yeovil was mentioned in the short-list! The Times on line also mentioned the government plans!

I will try and find out more, do you know anything about these "New ECO Towns"?

yeovil express 1/12/09 SOUTH Somerset District Council , looking at 5,000-home "urban extension" to Yeovil

ECO Towns Explained - Directgov - public services all in one place

Monday, 30 November 2009

Yeovil Through Time

Yeovil Through Time, a new local photographic history book. it is full of picture comparisons of how various parts of Yeovil looked compared with how Yeovil is now.

It has been written by two local historians Robin Ansell and Jack Sweet.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Yeovil Country Market

Yeovil Country Market,

I had almost forgotten about this, hidden away in the St Johns Church School Rooms.

There was a good selection of homemade Cakes, decorated Christmas cakes, other produce and a coffee shop.

They are normally open on a Friday Morning.

St. Johns School Rooms, Church Street, (Behind St Johns Church in the Town Centre)

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Hate to mention the Reckleford road works again, but at last they seem to be progressing, not sure when the target date to finish is. Lunch time today the traffic was flowing, surprise the traffic lights were off.
The electric guys were working down a hole, the workmen seemed totally oblivious to a problem with the traffic lights I guess not their problem, different department.

Later on today I had to try and navigate the pavement on Sherbourne road (inbound on the left), you don't know the path is closed until you are well into the road works, the signing of the alternate route is really non existent. I decided the safest way to go was to dodge the traffic and cross over to the rear of National Tyres and follow the traffic round to the shop fronts.

The lights were again working and traffic in all directions was very slow.
The Yeovil Night shelter works must be nearly finished, so soon all the illegally parked vans on the traffic light box junction, on the double yellow line and obstructing the pavement will soon disappear.

I am sure that once all the works are finished the traffic will flow and it will be a more pleasant area.

Yeovil Night Shelter

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Christmas Fairs in Yeovil

Its time for Christmas Fairs, a good place to get some stocking fillers.

The only one I have a date and time for at the moment is:-

St James' Church Preston Road
Sat 5th Dec 10 - 12

If you know of any more I will add to the list.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Did You know that Yeovil has a Car Club

I have just been searching around Yeovil on the internet and have found that Yeovil has a Car Club.

“We are an old, well established club that we believe evolved from an auto cycle club, which was formed before the First World War.” (From their Site) "Yeovil Car Club"

I have always had an interest in older cars, having owned Hillman Minx and Morris Minors over the years. May be one day I will have something a little classier than a Ford Mondeo.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Eating out in Yeovil

When it comes to food I am very particular, I am blessed to have a wife who loves to cook, and an excellent cook she is to. So when I want to go out for a meal my standards are very high (especially with good English food). If I go out for a meal I generally want to eat something which we would not have at home.

It was my daughter’s birthday this week so we went to the award winning Viceroy Indian Restaurant on Middle Street, she likes Chicken Korma.I was a little more adventurous with a Lamb Madras and my wife with the vegetarian.  We had an excellent meal and the staff were very good.

I have also been to the Akash Restaurant numerous times for their set meal deal and again the food and staff were very good.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Christmas has arrived in Yeovil 5th Nov 09

Had a lunch time coffee in the  Yeovil Starbucks(Free refill ) , the Christmas tree is up, and nice piece of red tinsel adorns the window. There are also a few Christmas decorations behind the counter.

I have heard reports that in some Starbucks you are being wished Happy Christmas!

The Christmas decorations are going up around the town centre in preparation for the big switch on, Thursday 26th Nov at 6:30pm

My wife has already ordered a large fresh Turkey, some friends already have all their Christmas presents brought and stashed away.
Me, I will resist until a few days before and then panic as I do every year.

The season is still a little way off, but try and remember the reason for the season when it does finally arrive. (49 Days to go)

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Walking Round Yeovil

Working just on the edge of the Queensway I often spend my lunch time walking around Yeovil Town Centre, sometime venturing into Nine springs and Summer house hill. (Nine Springs Information)

Within a few minutes you can be out of the town and in to the country side, from most points in Yeovil you can see a field or some green area.

Living on Abbey Manor we can easily walk to open fields, Montacute house is a few miles walk across open fields (and a quick sprint across the A3088 Cartgate link).

I occasionally walk to work and find that having walked down Preston road it is a welcome break to walk through Sydney Gardens before getting into the Town.

The local Council maintain the local parks to a very high standard with every changing flower beds and displays.

The walk from  The Forum on Abbey Manor to the town can take about 40 Min, (Cheaper than the Bus and sometimes quicker).

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Aldon International Horse Trials Yeovil

Did you know that Yeovil has just hosted the “Aldon International Horse Trials” on the 22nd to 25th Oct 2009.
“Aldon International” included show jumping, Cross country and dressage.

 The course is set just behind Nine Springs on grassy parkland.

British Eventing

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Have you ever heard of a "through-about"

The Brympton News link has just arrived, with a plan of new roundabout ("through-about") for the roundabout at the end of Cartgate Link / Bunford lane / Western Avenue. The Parish council have counted 32 lights? There was no mention of a planned start date. I guess it will be over the peak summer season to maximize congestion.

Darlington are supposed to have a similar Roundabout!

I wonder how much this will cost?

"Byways and Highways" explanation

Brypton Parish Council

Friday, 23 October 2009

Yeovil Carnival

I was reminded that it is now carnival season when I saw a long line of floats heading to Taunton last Saturday.

I used to enjoy the sights on the Yeovil streets as the illuminated floats passed.

The plans for this year have been dashed, lets hope for next year.  The iluminated Carnival seems to be so much of Somerset Tradition. If we want the carnival back in Yeovil we need to support the local organising Committee.

Somerset Carnivals

Motiv8 Carnival Club

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Reckleford Roadworks Yeovil

Reckleford is still a hive of activity does anyone know when the the completion date is? The Yeovil vision website mentions late Oct 2009, well we are nearly there!

Having witnessed the queues on the Queensway the opening won't come soon enough.