Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Lufton Roman Villa, on the edge of Yeovil

Had nice walk across the fields past the Roman site at Lufton, where once stood  “Lufton Roman Villa”.

The path to the Villa goes from just beyond Thorne Coffin, if you follow the path it will bring you out on the road near Lufton College. If you don’t want a muddy walk go on the lane from the end of thorne lane to wards Lufton, at the T junction follow the public foot path over the stile into the fields.


Reckleford roadworks again

Its good to see that the Reckleford road works have been left in a fit for purpose state over the Christmas break a small handwritten sign indicating that you can now form two lanes on the new piece of road (Watch out for the roadwork's the other side of the new layout by the Ambulance station!)
 Traffic chaos has hit the town again as the Temporary lights that replaced the original temporary lights have failed (14:30 29-12-09).  The local PCSO's to the rescue, 3 PCSO's now controlling the traffic I am sure that their time and any overtime will be paid by the main contractor?

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Reckleford road works are they Finished? 

Reckleford road works are they Finished?   No
Have just seen the road work signs being collected; is the end of the traffic chaos? We will soon see.

Traffic is now using the new road layout, but with a new set of temporary traffic lights, the Queens way seemed to be flowing fine, but the traffic on Middle Street was backed up.

Friday, 18 December 2009

 So will it Snow in Yeovil?

 So will it Snow in Yeovil?
 It was a pleasant walk into the Town today; the paths were dry and not overly icy. 

There seems to be more lights on houses this year, far better than the display in the Town centre. There are road where all the neighbours have really gone to town, Lime Kiln, Abbey Manor and a Close of Westbourne Avenue. 

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Goverment Plans for New Towns, Yeovil in the Shortlist to create a new ECO-Town

Have just been looking at the BBC new page, the government are looking at creating "New Towns".

Yeovil was mentioned in the short-list! The Times on line also mentioned the government plans!

I will try and find out more, do you know anything about these "New ECO Towns"?

yeovil express 1/12/09 SOUTH Somerset District Council , looking at 5,000-home "urban extension" to Yeovil

ECO Towns Explained - Directgov - public services all in one place