Friday, 8 April 2011

That time of year to get tidy up the garden

That time of year to get tidy up the garden following winter. Have just purchased a few new plants to fill a few holes in the borders.

In recent years I have bought plants from the local Garden Centers in Yeovil, but a good frost and they are turned in to compost.

I have also bought a few plants from Warden Hill Farm on the Dorchester road (probably the highest point and most exposed). I guess if the plants can survive at Warden Hill then they should live in my garden. I work on the principle of as little effort as possible.

Yeovil has now got another garden centre, if you live in Yeovil and want some good plants with out the frills of a fancy garden centre try Yeovil Market.

There are some amazing private gardens around Yeovil and Somerset Council do a great job around Yeovil.

St John’s Church yard (the Beach) is a blaze of colour.

Yeovil Garden Centres

Warden Hill Farm