Monday, 27 September 2010

“Milton” Jones in Yeovil

What a session, he was brilliant his quick fire and responses to the audience were just genius. The evening was suitable for all ages and every one was in stitches.

Thanks Milton a brilliant evening and for taking time out to come to Yeovil.

The Elim church was packed to capacity and I think Pastor Davenport was stuck for words.

Not "Milton" in Yeovil but gives a insight!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Vodafone Mobile Phone problems in Yeovil

Vodafone have some major issues with their network in Yeovil following damage to one of their transmitters in Yeovil earlier this week.

According to the vodafone forum "It's just that gypsies had moved into the area surrounding site number 280 and have more or less ransacked the site of all copper and have quite severely damaged the site". They go on to say Vodafone has access to the site and are "replace all missing copper and parts".
See full article on the Vodfone forum. 
Vodafone Network - No signal - Yeovil, Somerset

I am sure that the police will find the culprits and arrests will be made.

Not sure where the mast is but my phone is still playing up and reception is a little patchy (Friday 17th Sep 2010) in Yeovil town center

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Yeovil Broadband prices may fall?

I keep an eye on a “Sam Knows” it is the main reference point for information on UK telephone exchanges.

The number of operators excluding BT is now 4 which takes the Yeovil exchange (WWYEO) in to the next market banding (Currently Market 2, should move into Market 3).

Sam Knows answered my query and agree that WWYEO exchange should move to Market 3 when Ofcom update their records to reflect recent changes. When Ofcom have agreed that Yeovil is now market 3 some ISP’s should lower their broadband charges. My provider Plusnet should decrease by approximately £6 per month.

I will keep you posted