Monday, 28 February 2011

Vodafone down in Yeovil

Vodafone down in Yeovil, not sure for how long

Just Noticed my phone is SOS only on Vodafone, (Yeovil)

There seems to be reports on Twitter about a major failure across various parts of the country not just Yeovil! Must be a single point of failure somewhere.
Yeovil Vodafone Shop Message about 28th Feb 2011 outage

Vodafone Press release:-
"We had a break in last night at one of our technical facilities which resulted in damage done to some of our equipment. This means that some customers may be experiencing temporary loss of voice, SMS and internet services.
"We are working quickly to restore these and will be back to normal as soon as we can. There has been no impact on the privacy of customers' data."

A breakin in one location can bring down most users in the South of England,
sounds a bit suspicious to me, where is their disaster plan and failover recover system?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Parcel Force Collecting Parcel Yeovil

Just had a card thru the door from Parcel Force, which states collection times from 8am. Guess what your local collection centers operate different hours from 9am – 5:30am. There must be a contract with post offices to hold parcels, shame they can’t use the sorting office in Huish which opens at sensible times and has some parking.

The collection centre is a sub post office in Huish, with no readily available parking.

At least I will be able to collect at some stage, not like City Link with the Yeovil collection point on the out skirts of Exeter.