Friday, 21 January 2011

Reckleford Traffic Lights Yeovil

When walking across the bottom of Eastlands Road with Green man showing, cars can still appear across the lights from Wyndham Street.

The junction from Wyndham Street is signed and laid out so that traffic is not allowed into Eastlands Road and cars should only go towards Yeovil hospital or Sherbourne.

There is enough space in the layout for cars to easily get across the junction in to Eastlands Road and take unsuspecting pedestrians by surprise crossing on the green man.

I am sure this will soon be resolved now it has been raised as an issue with the council.

Do you have any comments on these lights?

Monday, 17 January 2011

A film worth seeing

A film worth seeing,

For the first time in an age I was persuaded to go to the Cineworld in Yeovil. It is a while since I have been.

“The Kings Speech”, what can I say it is the best film I have seen in a long time. I normally like a film with plenty of action and special effects, none of that! It was a mix of the serious, the funny, and a history lesson.
There was a mix of ages from the young to the more senior and the cinema was packed.

About - The King's Speech - Official Site

My biggest shock was the price for the essential snack and drinks, how can a price of £2.25 for a small paper cup of standard coffee be a reasonable price? When you can get a proper drink in a real cup on the high street for less? I would suggest don't buy snacks in the cinema it could cost more than the £8 plus to see the film.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Traffic queues on Abbey Manor Park yeovil

Traffic queues on Abbey Manor

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See update at bottom of page, now traffic is flowing again.

I have been trying to find out why over the last couple of Months the traffic has been backing up onto Abbey Manor, Stourton Way and Western Avenue.

A journey that used to only take 15 Mins into town is now taking 45 Mins.
My theory is that becuase the “Bunford Bridge” adjacent to the Westland’s back gate is closed the traffic that used to commute into Westland’s via the bridge now has to use the Western relief road and Bunford Lane.
This is causing the traffic from the Abbey Manor Park direction to backup due to the extra traffic turning right into Bunford Lane.

I don’t know why the bridge is closed, do you know why or have a better theory?

Update 19-1-2011

The journey from Abbey Manor is back to normal, the queue has disappered.
My theory of the Bunford Bridge I think has been proven; the bridge is back in use.
I have recently found out that there was suspected structural damage and it was awaiting an inspection by engineers. I guess the inspection proved it was ok.
Not sure why it took so long I hate to think of the real cost with so many folks were stuck in their cars burning extra fuel and been stationary for so long.

Still not sure who owns the Bunford Bridge? Do you know?