Thursday, 30 December 2010

Yeovil Weather

Like many I have been keeping an eye on the weather over Christmas. I had not planned to go far and stayed around Yeovil.

I certainly hope to have some salt and good spade or Snow shovel on standby.

There were certain roads around which remained impassable for a few days, I am sure with some neighborhood team effort the snow could have been removed before it froze solid.

I did my bit and cleared the road outside my house, and one of the neighbours cleared the road for the whole close.

I have found a couple of local weather stations in Yeovil.
Dave's Weather Site yeovil
Jon on Abbey Manor Yeovil

Friday, 3 December 2010

The New Primark in Yeovil is open but Woolies in Yeovil lives on

The farewell to Yeovil Woolies on youtube.

The new Primark in Yeovil Opened yesterday, the old one is still open across the road.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Looks like a public holiday on the 29th April

So it looks like a public holiday on the 29th April good old Royals. So we can all sit at home over eat, Drink and watch Prince William and Kate tie the knot in Westminster Abbey.

Should be a nice long weekend with May on the Monday.

So what will Yeovil do to mark the day?

Monday, 25 October 2010

Talk driving Yeovil Mad

Was interesting to read the article in last weeks Yeovil Western Gazzette re “Talk Talk” on the High street in Yeovil.

I have previously made comments about their high pressure sales tactics in WH Smiths door way. I stopped going into WH Smiths because you could not get out with out been accosted.
Earlier Blog on "Talk Talk" in Yeovil

It was good to see that the Yeovil Town Centre Manager has moved them on. The lower end of town was becoming an area where you had to look out. The majority of people were engaging and then found that they could not escape.

Heavy lifting in Yeovil

Primark are current refitting the old Woolworth Store on Yeovil High Street. I think the building will look totally different as work progresses behind the Scaffolding.

On Sunday a large crane was in action not sure what was lifted, there has been plenty of work on the roof, which I guess will be for new plant for Air-conditioning etc.




Not sure when the opening date is but I guess they would want to be in by Christmas.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Midsommer Norton Accordion Band

Midsommer Norton Accordion Band Played the Abbey Manor Community Centre to help raise funds, It was a pleasant few hours with a wide variety of tunes. Accordian bands are not dead!

Big thanks to the Midsommer Norton Accordian band for help the centre raise funds.

The Abbey Manor Community centre is in the middle of the Abbey Manor Park estate, in the Forum. The Centre is run by a committee (Abbey Community Association) made up of some of the many groups who regularly use the centre.

Many thanks to the Monday Tea Dance for arranging and for the excellent home made cakes.

Monday, 27 September 2010

“Milton” Jones in Yeovil

What a session, he was brilliant his quick fire and responses to the audience were just genius. The evening was suitable for all ages and every one was in stitches.

Thanks Milton a brilliant evening and for taking time out to come to Yeovil.

The Elim church was packed to capacity and I think Pastor Davenport was stuck for words.

Not "Milton" in Yeovil but gives a insight!

Friday, 17 September 2010

Vodafone Mobile Phone problems in Yeovil

Vodafone have some major issues with their network in Yeovil following damage to one of their transmitters in Yeovil earlier this week.

According to the vodafone forum "It's just that gypsies had moved into the area surrounding site number 280 and have more or less ransacked the site of all copper and have quite severely damaged the site". They go on to say Vodafone has access to the site and are "replace all missing copper and parts".
See full article on the Vodfone forum. 
Vodafone Network - No signal - Yeovil, Somerset

I am sure that the police will find the culprits and arrests will be made.

Not sure where the mast is but my phone is still playing up and reception is a little patchy (Friday 17th Sep 2010) in Yeovil town center

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Yeovil Broadband prices may fall?

I keep an eye on a “Sam Knows” it is the main reference point for information on UK telephone exchanges.

The number of operators excluding BT is now 4 which takes the Yeovil exchange (WWYEO) in to the next market banding (Currently Market 2, should move into Market 3).

Sam Knows answered my query and agree that WWYEO exchange should move to Market 3 when Ofcom update their records to reflect recent changes. When Ofcom have agreed that Yeovil is now market 3 some ISP’s should lower their broadband charges. My provider Plusnet should decrease by approximately £6 per month.

I will keep you posted

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Cafe Forum Abbey Manor Yeovil

Cafe Forum reopened on the 12th August.

It is a pleasant place to meet up and have some food or a coffee. We spent a few hours chatting with friends.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Hardington Horse and Dog Show

I went to the Hardington Horse and Dog Show on Saturday; It was certainly a popular event. As a townie it was good to see the horses and dogs.

I was only able to stay a short while, but would have liked to stay longer. Still managed to see the fancy dressed dog competition try out the food tent. The food tent was worth a visit with cakes and barbeque where I tasted local food a plate full of Rabbit freshly caught and prepared, and a tasty burger.


The Proceeds were going to go to Dorset & Somerset Air Ambulance, Hardington Village Hall and Heavens Gate Animal Shelter

Monday, 5 July 2010

“The Noise 2010”, Oak Tree Park, Abbey Manor Park

It was a great day for “The Noise 2010”, Oak Tree Park, Abbey Manor. There was a constant stream of people between 12 noon and 5pm visiting the event.

The Skate board and Bmx competitions saw some amazing stunts.
Some of the highlights were the Brazilian street dancers and the agility dogs.

St James Church was manning the refreshments giving out endless free fresh coffee, tea and squash.

There was plenty going on with Bouncy castles, face painting and other stalls.

The Yeovil Amateur radio club had some amazing aerials and equipment on show.

The event was only possible due to the local churches, Brympton parish council, Abbey Manor Community Centre, St James Scouts and others who gave time and support to this great free biannual event.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Free web Advertising for Yeovil Business

I run a web site called a site which lists local independent business in Yeovil and surrounding areas. The website provides simple listings to advertise your business for free with Business details, contact details and a small logo or image.

The site currently has a large diverse range of local businesses listed garages, Car and Caravan, Painters, printing etc in and around Yeovil.

If you haven’t a presence on the internet, you won’t be found by people surfing the internet.

Web sites do not need to cost the earth and be over complex, most broadband providers will give you free web space for you to use. If you would like your own domain name they can be easily bought for a few pounds.

Why not create your own Blog about your business in Yeovil?

I acn always add your business to visit the site for contact details.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Yeovil Woolworths to become a Primark Store

Primark are taking over the Yeovil Woolworths store, a notice has been posted at the front of the store.

Primark  opening new store in Yeovil 18-6-10

At last the old Yeovil Woolworths has found a new use, it will be interesting to see how Primark will use all the space in this vast store. There is no mention of an opening date, but I bet it won't be long.

Primark Yeovil will certainly be a size, plenty of space for piles of clothes.

Primark have had a lot of bad press over the years for their sourcing of clothes, according to the Primak uk website they are committed to ethical trading.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Yeovil Junction not in Bloom

The floral displays around Yeovil are Amazing a great deal of effort has been put in by the council and local people.

Yeovil Junction is one of the main Gateways to Yeovil, the planters seem to have seen better days. It is a shame when the rest of Yeovil puts so much effort into making the town look cared for.

6-6-10 Yeovil not in Bloom ©tjb

6-6-10 Yeovil Junction not in Bloom ©tjb

I am sure Southwest Trains can do a better job, may be someone could sponsor a planter?

16/6/10 Update

I have emailed South West Trains, have waited over a week but no reply, Little old Yeovil Junction (150 years this year) doesn't warrant a spruce up in the flower department.

7/7/10 Update
Have had an email from Southwest trains who have asked the station master to contact me.

25/8/10 Update
No contact from the station master, I am sure they are far to busy to tidy up the station.

The 150 year anniversary of Steam arriving at Yeovil Junction will be celebrated in July.

Pectin in Steam at Yeovil Junction

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

David Laws

Following David Laws resignation from his Cabinet post there seems to be a mix of feelings in and around his Yeovil Constituency

David has worked hard over the years in and around Yeovil and I am sure that is why people vote for him

Yeovil Libdems
Yeovil Conservatives

Fish and Chips on Westfield

The Post office on Coronation Avenue, Westfield estate has finally found its new use.

It was a shame to see the post office go, but with the way the Post office works and the cost that would have been involved for any body taking it on I am not surprised.

May be a post office will open in another local shop or community facility.

The Chip Shop (Polats Place) looks great and I am sure will do a good business.


 Polat's Place Yeovil

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Not as we know it

Not as we know it

I have followed Ashes to Ashes over the last few months, I even managed to view the last episode on BBC iplayer in the middle of Dartmoor in Conference centre with St James Church Yeovil (not bad broadband must be miles from the exchange).

Local blogger Rev David keen has some interesting thoughts.

St. Aidan to Abbey Manor: It's Death Jimbo, But Not AS We Know It#links

Monday, 24 May 2010

WHSmiths Yeovil

WHSmiths Yeovil
I have been in and out WH Smiths many times in Yeovil managing to dodge the salesmen trying to sell Talk Talk and No win no fee accident insurance.

Whilst in Yeovil WH Smiths today I witnessed an elderly gent being accosted by the Talk Talk sales team (Safety in number). They enticed him into a conversation which it was obvious he did not want. I left them to talk for a while, I was in no doubt this gent did not have the slightest interest in the product. The sales man was still keen to keep going.

Enough was enough, I intervened, I asked the gent if he wanted to know more or be free to continue on his day. The gent looked relieved.

I asked to see a manger for WH Smiths, I think I spoke to the assistant manger (no introduction or badge). Who didn’t really appear even slightly interested, he said that the sales people on the door are arranged by head office, and that they had complaints before. With a little more pressure he agreed to speak to the sales people.

WH Smiths used to be one of better British high street stores, it may still be in other locations. I dislike having to go into the Yeovil store because of these extra sales people.

These sales people are highly trained in every technique to get a sale or at least a signature, they do not understand NO.

Have you been harassed by these people?

BBC Article: "Have we fallen out of love with the nation's newsagent?"

Council annual bulb give away

Free for all

There was a big crowd in St Johns Church gardens this morning. The council had invited folks to come and help then selves to the bulbs and plants that had been removed from council managed roundabouts etc.

Last Pickings

These bulbs will certainly help to liven up the gardens of Yeovil. I am always impressed by the amount time folks spend out in there gardens.


The roundabouts of Yeovil always seem to be displaying something fresh and are always displaying colour.
Thanks to the South Somerset District Council’s horticulture team.

Getting ready for the next display


St Johns in the sun

26th May 10:- The horticulture team are busy working on the summer display hope to have some pictures of progress in the next few days.
Other links

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

The old Woolworths store Yeovil

What is the future of this old Woolworths in Yeovil?
Primark are taking over the Old Yeovil Woolworths.

There is some activity in the store, looks possible like asbestos removal with enclosed plastic areas. The activity in side has increased, plaster of the walls and electrical work going on. I am sure we will soon see who has moved into this old Yeovil Store. Tk Maxx was my favourite but, Primark in Yeovil could do with a bigger store!

Woolworths Yeovil Now

There must be a plan to do something with this old store, otherwise I am sure that there would not be any activity in the store.

It would be good to get this building turned around and being used by another business. There has been too many shops moving or closing in this area of Yeovil town centre.

Do you know what is lined up for this Yeovil store? Please leave your comments.

I have done a bit of digging on the internet; my favorite at the moment is TK Maxx.
They appear to be advertising for staff in Yeovil.
They have already taken on some of the old Woolworths stores.

I think TK Maxx would fill both floors and would add another major retailer back to the Yeovil High street.

The final day in Yeovil Woolworths

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Will our Local Yeovil MP be in the Cabinet?

Will David Laws be in the new cabinet? Yes,


David Laws has been involved in the discusions with the Conservatives to form a joint goverment, which has now come to pass with David Cameron as Prime minister and Nick Clegg as Deputy.
He has certainly represented the interests of Yeovil over the years, and has been the shadow educational spokesperson.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More shops Closing in the Quedam Yeovil

Another 3 shops in the Quedam Centre Yeovil have closing signs in their windows.
There are now stretches of empty shop units. Why are these shops closing rent, Council Tax or are people just not spending as they used?
Clinton Cards, Faith and Cargo.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Police Horses in yeovil

The police were finding there way around Yeovil today on horse back, 2 Pairs of horses. 

They were quite a hit with the locals



Monday, 19 April 2010

Volcanic Ash in Yeovil

Have you seen any volcanic ash from Iceland in Yeovil! My car looks dirtier than normal but that is probably me not having cleaned it recently.

I have heard stories of local folks driving back from Italy to France and Using Ferries to get home.

The true cost of not been able to fly is slowly appearing. I had not realized how much fresh food is flown into the UK.

I am sure if Volcanic dust is falling from the sky it can’t be good for you, but the reports on the news websites seems to say little Risk unless you have an underlying problem.
See BBC:-

Information from Direct Gov Website:-
Met Office Advisory information on Volcanic Ash:-

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Yeovil Cattle Market

Yeovil cattle market was around for a 156 years, but closed its gates in 2008. The site was going to be developed in to "mixed-use scheme of residential housing, sheltered housing and a nursing home"

The site is now starting to look in a sorry run down state. It would be good to find some pictures of the Cattle markets in better days.



Yeovil cattle market Pictures ©tjb please free to use but please link

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Wurzels - "I am a cider Drinker"

There is a campaign to get the "Wurzels" to no1 with "I am a Cider drinker" in protest to the 10% tax on strong cider.

A facebook group has been created to get support

I can remember the Wurzels from the Late 70's / 80's when I lived in Birmingham.

Wurzel World (Listen to a bit of Somerset)

Friday, 26 March 2010

Some Pictures from Sherborne

Guest Local Pictures

A view of Sherborne Old Castle - as seen across the lake at Sherborne New Castle. Taken January 2010
(Taken by J Stride)

viewed from the Claire Voire at Sherborne New Castle. Taken January 2010
(Taken by J Stride)
The cascade waterfall at Sherborne Castle
(Taken by J Stride)


Sherborne Abbey
(Taken by J Stride)
Pictures Copyright J Stride, if you wish to use any pictures please leave a comment

Friday, 19 March 2010

Yeovil now in Google Street View

Check out your own address, you may not believe what you see.

Have been trying to see how to get an entry removed.

View Larger Map

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Car Transporters on Double Yellows again

Car transporters on Double Yellows again!

Car Transporters seem to be exempt from parking and waiting restrictions, I have seen two to day parked on double yellows next to a junction.

I know as a car driver if I illegally park I would be booked.

At least this one is fully on the road, it was left empty for over 30 mins, the earlier one was blocking the path and on double yellows.
Do you have any thoughts?

Another Day lets try and cause chaos with two Transporters!

45minutes latter still there empty.

08:45 11th Mar 10 ©tjb
Yet another car transporter unloading cars on double yellow lines and next to a bend.

Are the cars insured to be used on the road with out tax, registration number or trade plates attached? I watched a car driven from the transporter on the main road and into the dealer over 200m.

08:45 11th Mar 10 ©tjb

A dealer on the Reckleford adjacent to Goldcroft regularly unloads on the dual carriageway, obstructing the pavement and on Double yellow lines!

29th April 2010 ©tjb
29th April 2010 ©tjb

On Pavement,Double Yellows and on Juction next to roundabout
9-6-10 ©tjb

Have you had a near miss due to a transporter unloading?