Monday, 10 December 2012

Have you eaten at the New Yeovil KFC?

I gave it a miss for the first few days, to allow the queues to reduce down at the new KFC in Yeovil. The service was fairly quick and polite, and then it went downhill when the food arrived. The meal and portion sizes do not match the pictures and the chips were nearly cold. The picture showed a box full of chicken and chips etc., but when it arrived it a small paper plate with a few paper bags containing the meal.

It was not what I had expected of KFC, not sure if this is how the other KFC serve food.

May be it was an opening week issue running out of boxes etc?

How did you fare?

I will go back to the Yeovil KFC when the initial rush has died down.

1 comment:

  1. Have only visited once so far had to ask for bottle of drink that was included in deal and for coleslaw that was missing
    Only to get home to discover half of the chicken was missing
    Food was ok but have had better
    But they had only been open a fews day so hope they get there act together